Breakfast @ Westend Pumphouse

Bottles of sriracha on the table, a gin trolley within tantalising view and exotic smells wafting from an open kitchen. When one of the most innovative pubs in Hobart reopened for breakfast it was bound to be different to the norm.


The space is very amiable for breakfast. It’s a big room with many options of seating and areas that makes it perfect for either an intimate bite to eat or a large group gathering. A large custom fire place takes centre stage of the main dining area providing warmth on a cold morning. Looking around there’s a lot of interesting design to admire.

Sriracha, Fish Sauce and Soy offered as condiments

Service is friendly and professional, small hiccups are dealt with immediately. Everyone is treated well and the same here whether a group of business people spending big or me in the corner with a crying baby and espresso. Coffee is roasted by Zimmah just up the road and they pour it well. There’s also that gin trolley….

Baked Eggs, Sichuan Sauce, Spring Onion Pancake $16

The menu is exciting both in description and execution. Soft baked eggs are served on a bed of rich, red and spicy sauce. Herbs and chilli add freshness and bite. The spring onion pancake a perfect vehicle to mop up the remains.

Thai Scrambled Eggs, Herbs, Rice $16

Scrambled eggs are similarly  lifted by lashings of fresh herbs and a bite of chilli, the rice works well by its side. It is food that grabs your attention.

Steamed Bau, Smoked Hock, Egg, Hoisin $7

A pillowy bau is filled with sticky, salty, flavoursome pork and a slice of omelette. Sweetness from the hoisin and heat from the chilli counterbalance beautifully.

Poached Eggs, Cygnet Bacon, Spinach, Sourdough  $15

There’s more sensible breakfasts for the traditionalists. Eggs are as good as they get with a number of quality sides on offer including nitrate free bacon and a wonderful slow roasted tomato chutney. Sourdough is on offer with almost any spread you can imagine and granola comes served with yoghurt and a winter fruit compote. More is on offer but you’ll have to pop in yourself to find out.

It’s a fantastic spot to start the day, on par with Franklin in terms of quality of food and service, placing it in my mind as one of the best in the CBD.

105 Murray St Hobart


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