Marigold Cafe and Restaurant

The North Hobart strip of eateries is forever changing. Legends have held residencies there including Mit Zitrone, Ali Akbar, Lickerish, and Solicit. Alongside has been some long running favourites such as Renown Milkbar, Annapurna, Amigos, and Marti Zuccos. Has this charming newcomer got what it takes to make a mark?

What hits me at first is just how calming this place is compared to it’s neighbours. Soft jazz tunes play through the speakers, the greeting is genuine and warm and nothing feels rushed. You can watch the world race past outside but it doesn’t intrude into this little oasis.

The menu is familiar and welcoming as well, featuring many of the genres staple dishes. There is a lot here to please the vegetarians with many add on options for a more meaty experience. What surprises is the prices, Eggs Benedict for $12 is unheard of these days, especially in this part of town, and the rest follows in value.

Vegetarian Rosti Benedict $14.50

A vegetarian version of a Benedict from the specials board came as a thick slab of potato rosti topped with roasted pumpkin, poached eggs, and hollandaise. The eggs pleasingly soft and runny and the pumpkin flavoursome. It was let down only by being a bit on the heavy side with so much potato and could have benefited with a touch more seasoning. It left me feeling full but nourished.

Veggie Stack $13.50

The vegetable stack was a pleasant surprise as I’d imagined a completely different dish by the same name. Spiced vegetable pakhoras sat atop smashed avocado with a generous drizzle of sour cream and a delightful dressed salad. The flavours and freshness were spot on. I stole some of my daughters chips and they were possibly the best you’ll currently find in North Hobart, crisp but so fluffy on the inside!

There’s a separate dinner menu as well with service taking a break in the afternoon. The coffee is excellent, there’s a variety of other drinks on offer, and you can even BYO wine for just $5 a bottle.

The lasting impression is of how genuine this place is. There’s no fancy ingredients or techniques, it’s just good, honest and wholesome food. The hosts are remarkably friendly, they really do seem to care about your experience and wish to welcome you back. It may seem a bit old fashioned but I believe these values still very much have a place in today’s dining scene and hopefully they can join the list of long running favourites on the strip.

Marigold Cafe and Restaurant
303 Elizabeth St, North Hobart
Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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