Two Peck Crispy Chicken – Hobart

I suspect the reason you don’t see more people raving about Two Peck on social media is simply because it’s not overly photogenic. I laboriously tried to capture the beauty of many dishes without luck, before giving in and devouring. It’s a tough gig.

Two Peck Crispy Chicken originated in Taiwan and proudly boasts that it’s the biggest fried chicken brand there with over 300 stores worldwide, Hobart became their most southern location in December last year. And yes, they’re named after legendary rapper Tupac!

Precision and science is everything here to ensure a quality product, it’s not just tossing precooked food into a deep fryer and hoping for the best. The chicken is fresh and prepared to order. Watching them cook you really appreciate the effort they put into achieving the perfect result, it’s very hands on in a meticulously clean kitchen.

Many of the dishes involve a choice of seasoning, from plain salt and pepper to plum to spicy and many in between. I’ve tried a few but the spicy is my recommendation, a sophisticated blast of heat that coats the fingers, so lickin’ good!

Chicken Nuggets, Plum Salt $7.49

Chicken Nuggets and Popcorn Chicken are similar, just different in size, and both crazily addictive. You’ll feel regret afterwards that you didn’t order ten serves and spend the rest of the week thinking about them. Taiwanese Hotdog was the only greasy thing I sampled but beautifully so, meaty and juicy. Battered Fish could have benefited with better quality seafood, but still mightily enjoyable.

And there’s a lot of choices of things to be deep fried: Sweet potato, green beans, Oreo cookies, chicken skin, cheese sticks…. The list is impressive!

Boneless cutlet, spicy coating $10.49

The cutlets are their signatures and rightly so, crispy on the outside, so juicy and flavoursome on the inside. This is fried chicken heaven! They’ll even slice it up for you if you like.

Interior has many quirks

It’s a fast food chain, so don’t expect silver service or even a seat. But the staff are friendly, caring, and a cut above. The offerings are seriously good, grab a beverage from next door to wash them down and it’s sublime. I can’t wait to visit again.

48 Melville Street, Hobart
Open seven days

Website / Facebook

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  1. Stack says:

    48 Melville St, just around the corner from Elizabeth St.


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