Brown Burgers

The main strip of Moonah has evolved to become a burger lovers dream with Sault, Sophslice, Texas Pantry, and Jimmy D’s all in competition to produce the very best. Joining them is new kid on the block Brown Burgers and we popped in to see how they stacked up.

Well, they’re not technically new. Brown Burgers is the rebranded and relaunched Brown Sugar Cafe which was already well known for it’s burgers so the change made sense. I’d heard a lot of good things about the place but sadly a chance to pop in never eventuated.

The interior is eclectic to say the least. Tall bamboo grows in pots scattered throughout, disco lighting throws colourful rays along the bar, 80’s cricket reruns play on two large televisions. Along one wall is an impressive burger mural, beautifully rendered. The playlist could be described as ‘girl power anthems’ and pumps loudly through the speakers, Elsa’s voice reaches the crescendo in ‘Let It Go’ as our food is brought to us.

Pulled Pork Loaded Fries with BBQ Sauce and Aioli $8.50

Pulled pork fries, from the specials board, were excellent. Copious amounts of tender meat topped crispy fries which were then slathered in sauce. They proudly advertise using Tasmanian potatoes for their chips and the choice of toppings and sides is impressive.

Fries $4

My daughter chose the usual chips with tomato sauce. It was a nice touch that they provide the hidden vegetable version of condiment, I have no qualms about recommending it as a child friendly place.

Service is also friendly, you do have to get up and order at the bar but they come and check everything is okay at relevant points. Drinks are competitively priced and range from soft drinks and shakes to $10 cocktails and a duo of beers on tap. My coffee was exceptional for a burger joint, a throwback to their cafe days.

American : Beef, cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion rings, mustard, tomato sauce $13

I can’t say no to a good burger so was excited for the American and there was a lot to love. Crispy and flavour filled bacon, oozing cheese, fistful of onion rings, in a soft fresh brioche bun. And the patty……

……. let the team down. Unseasoned, flavourless, with the texture of instant mashed potato. At least it was brown as advertised. This was such a shame as if they’d got it right it would have all the makings of a great burger joint. As a relatively ‘new’ business they’ve still time.

They have a couple of vegetarian burgers on offer as well and a good sounding collection of chicken offerings, the specials board even advertised a giant burger that contained both beef and chicken! Salads and parmis exist for those oddly not into burgers and much of the menu can be made gluten free.

There’s undoubtedly a lot of potential here and I’ll definitely be back to see if they reach it, Moonah keeps getting better and better.

Brown Burgers Facebook / 88 Main Road Moonah / Open 7 days lunch and dinner

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