New Town is so hot right now. Long term favourites MYU, Jackman and Mcross, Green Store, Lebrina and Jean Pascal were recently joined by Brother Mine, Ruckus Fried Chicken, and Crumb Street Diner to make it a real foodies destination. The sad closure of Cafe 176 left a gap on the main road and now Dispatch takes its place with hopes to enjoy the same success the others have found.


The interior is remarkably different from the last two incarnations. Polished wood abounds and the aesthetic is minimal and modern. A room to the side overlooks the street and outdoor seating lines the building, enjoying the full sun. An all day breakfast menu is on offer or there is an additional lunch menu that runs from 11am.

Toasted Quinoa and Pomegranate Salad with Sauteed Mushrooms and Coddled Egg $18.50

The breakfast salad I really enjoyed. Great flavours and textures in this well thought out and executed dish. It was fresh and vibrant and showed they have talent in the kitchen.

Smashed Avocado on Toast with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Marinated Fetta, Fresh Mint and Tamar Valley Truffle Oil $18

The avocado on toast was also full of freshness and flavour but unfortunately didn’t live up to expectations. Minor quibbles: The cherry tomatoes were grilled on one side, not roasted as advertised, and under ripe. Also the fetta was very plain with no signs of marination on the palate. Major quibble: For $18 I expected more than one small piece of toast and three cherry tomatoes and left hungry. It was indeed tasty though and may satisfy others.

There’s a lot more on offer here, such as Maryland Crab Cakes, Southern Fried Chicken, and an Angus Beef Burger. Takeaway sandwiches look tempting and are lined up in a display fridge by the counter. Despite the sign outside advertising a bar no alcohol is on the menu, although they do have a range of kombucha alongside the standard cafe fare.

Espresso with bonus Tiny Teddy $4

Coffee was great, service was even better and they’re well worth a visit. They’ve got everything that is needed to create an excellent suburban cafe and will surely improve with time as they hit their stride.

Dispatch Facebook

176 New Town Road

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 8am – 4pm

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  1. Dave Mitchell says:

    You missed out mentioning Lebrina in your blog in talking of NewTown eateries. It’s consistently been a high quality restaurant in the area.


    1. Our apologies and thankyou for pointing that out! I’ll edit it in


  2. Hi, can you help. A friend sent me a facebook link to a review of yours on OSAKA, but I’m not on facebook so can’t see it. Will it be on your webpage soon?


    1. We did a preview piece with a couple of photos of the fit out but haven’t been in to have a meal yet. We’ll publish here when a review is done


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