Kobe Japanese Restaurant

It’s an unusual spot for a restaurant. What was once a hotel lobby is now a hotel lobby with a dining room inside. But good food can still come from humble surroundings and many good things had been heard about the ramen here.

Tantan Ramen $13.80

And the ramen is indeed majestic. The stock is sophisticated, richly layered and warming with a hint of spice. It coats the mouth pleasantly and excites the senses. A soft boiled egg leaks the yolk when cut adding further richness to the soup. Pork slices are tender and there’s mince mixed in with it as well. Noodles are the right texture and the vegetables fresh and vibrant. For me this is the best example of the dish I’ve found in Hobart and I’m left hungering to try it again.

Gyoza $8.80

There’s plenty more on the menu beyond the ramen but sadly is a bit hit and miss. The gyoza is nice but unremarkable. It’s made in their sister restaurant in Melbourne so still a step above the mass produced ones you’ll find elsewhere but not up to the standard recently enjoyed at Bar Wa Izakaya.

Cha Shu $10.80

Their house made Cha Shu is an improvement, tender and meaty slices of pork coated in a delicately sweet sauce. The miso soup is tasty and generous with fillings.

Katsu Tama Don $12.80

The Katsu Tama Don really shines. Chicken katsu with egg, onion, seaweed and rice. The flavours are delicate and it’s a surprisingly light dish while being a very generous serve. Along with the ramen it represents some of the best value lunches you’ll find in the CBD.

Service is friendly and enthusiastic. This really feels like the family run business it is. The room lacks ambiance but it’s a comfortable spot and the front bar seats give a nice view of the world going by. Meals come out very fast so it’s a great choice for those after a quick feed as well.


Kobe is located at 102 Harrington Street, Hobart, and open 7 days a week from 11am-9pm.

Kobe Facebook

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