A Tad Whimsy – Preview

The Hobart CBD has seen an explosion of new eateries in the last few months with over a dozen opening in quick succession and many more in the works. One we’re particularly excited about is a small vegetarian and vegan cafe with an unusual name. Ahead of its official opening we had a chat with Kaila, a member of this family run business, to find out more.


What journey led you to open a vegetarian cafe in Hobart?

It was always our plan to open a cafe in Hobart as we fell in love with the area from a holiday early in 2016 then decided to make it a vegetarian/vegan cafe to reflect our values and to be able to give vegan and vegetarian alternatives to comfort food that we are all used to, that will also open up a whole new world for non vegans alike.


What qualities make a great vegan dish in your eyes?

Before I went vegan I was unaware of all these amazing foods that I would’ve never tried before, so it would be finding new foods and …. it’s like being opened up to a whole new world and being able to have these foods without it supporting what I don’t support. For our cafe it’s about the convenience of these foods that people would otherwise not have the energy or time to make, so it’s easy to just stop in and get something you’re craving without having to learn a whole new recipe.

Vegan Mini Donuts

Which dishes are you most excited about presenting?

We are really excited about our Cheesy Mac Burger especially but also our hotdogs, burgers and our range of vegan desserts like donuts, cupcakes and slices.

What drinks will be available?

We are offering milkshakes,tea,coffee and soft drinks.


How did you come up with the name?

The name was inspired by our design for the place, we wanted to bring off an Alice in Wonderland, whimsical vibe and we always say “a tad” for everything so it just kind of got thrown together and sounded quite nice.

Vegan Cup Cakes

A Tad Whimsy is currently undergoing a soft opening with a limited menu leading up to its official opening on Wednesday the 18th of January. It can be found in Mathers Lane, off Liverpool St and opposite Myer. Open weekdays 8:30am to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm. All images courtesy of A Tad Whimsy.

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