Paella @ Urban Bounty


Festival favourites Urban Bounty have offered up a number of different dishes over the years. From some of the best pies around featuring fillings such as rabbit and venison to remarkably tender and flavoursome BBQ meats in rolls to a range of wings that pleased everyone at The Taste. Their latest creations are a pair of paella that given their track record I was very eager to try.


Good paella is a labour of love, cooked in large flat pans the rice absorbs the flavours as it simmers in liquid producing tender and fragrant grains while the bottom layer forms a crust of contrasting crispiness. In the wrong hands though it can become a gluggy mess!

This one was delicious throughout. It contained a very generous amount of tender protein and they proudly proclaimed it to be local: Bruny Island chorizo, Maria Island calamari and free range chicken. There was also a vegan one on offer that alas I was too late to try but it featured artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, zucchini and green olives.

Paella takes a while to cook but when done it’s great fast food with staff scooping it up into bowls for an appreciative market crowd this morning. At $10 it was a bargain especially considering the quality of the ingredients.

Urban Bounty can often be found at The Farmgate Market each Sunday as well as festivals and events around the state.

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