Babyccino Battle! Round 1

Wherein the worlds smallest food critic and her sidekick father seek to find Hobart’s best babyccino.


Picnic Cafe $1.50

Being hidden away down a laneway off Liverpool Street I’m guilty myself of overlooking this cafe at times but they do some great food and coffee here. The babyccino was a cup of chocolate laced foam with chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate smiley face. Delicious but very messy and I quickly remembered I’d forgotten the baby wipes! Some great customer service followed when the chef came out with a pile of napkins and a fresh damp chux for me to clean up a chocolate covered child and they receive a bonus half point for this. 8.5/10



Pilgrim Coffee 60c

It’s a busy time of day but fitting us in wasn’t a problem, although I’d imagine it difficult if we had a pram. The coffee is always fantastic here and the babyccino looked promising but alas it fell into a category we’ll call “toddlerccino” containing very little delicious foam and being mostly warm milk with two marshmallows floating on top. Great for slightly older ones I’d imagine but this baby was not so impressed. 7/10



Cafe 176 Free

On entering there are already babies enjoying themselves and this one is greeted warmly. The drink seems unusual at first in that it didn’t contain the usual chocolate powder but this turned out to be a blessing for parents in that there is far less mess to clean up afterwards. The sprinkles and marshmallow made for a colourful drink that was met with loud squawks of happiness and enjoyed muchly. 8.5/10



Pane Cucina North Hobart $2

Now this was a good babyccino. A small cup filled completely with fluffy foam and a light sprinkling of chocolate on top. It did raise the question of pricing though, is $2 too much to pay for a small cup of foam? I found it reasonable considering how much enjoyment she got out of it but others will differ and considering there’s better coffee in the area it may be a tipping point. 8/10



Shoebox Cafe Free

The little one was warmly welcomed at Shoebox and the staff do put in the extra effort to make sure she is happy with her drink. It looks rich on top but it ‘s deceptive with plain milk and froth below. While fitting into the toddlerccino category due to its size and milkiness the top layer was enjoyed greatly and I rated mine as the best coffee of the five reviewed. 8/10

The first contestants have been a mixed bunch showcasing some of the wide variety of styles of the babyccino. In the lead we have Picnic Cafe and Cafe 176 by a small margin and look forward to the next round of challengers. We’d love to hear suggestions of where to visit next.

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