Hobart’s Best Foods and Stuffs of 2019

If you’re looking for Hobart’s best restaurants there are already a number of publications promoting the same four each year. This is a list of what really matters, from best bar to best taco you’ll find it inside.

Best Takeaway : Bun Bar

Pulled Pork Bao

This tiny hole in the wall on Harrington Street is easily missed but well worth finding. The flavour packed and incredibly cheap selection of bao is what you’re here for and they’ve a selection of fillings to suit most tastes. Fast and friendly service will see you with a freshly made feed in next to no time at all.
Bun Bar 82A Harrington St, open for lunch Monday – Friday

Runners up :

Kinoko Deli with a large range of tasty and healthy Japanese dishes. Thai Veggie Hutt has vegetarian food so good everyone will love. Albert Road Store because their burgers and wraps are king. Saigon Express for some wonderful banh mi.

Best Pub : Tom McHugo’s

Grilled Beef Tongue, Glazed Beets, Mustard Sour Cream

Regular readers won’t find this gong surprising, I’ve featured them often, and Tom McHugo’s is still going from strength to strength. They proudly support local brewers and growers, thrusting them centre stage on their menu and taps. The food is innovative but contains nods to the traditional and is a testament to the crafts learned by the chefs. Staff are welcoming and knowledgeable, there’s always something new to try and they’ll point you in the right direction.
Tom McHugo’s 87 Macquarie St, open for lunch and dinner Monday – Saturday

Runners up :

Boodle Beasley for an excellent selection of drinks, very friendly service, and awesome burgers. The Cascade Hotel is everything a suburban pub should be with hearty meals and a warm welcome. The Whaler has outstanding food, drinks to match, and a great vibe fueled by music.

Best Taco : Grinners Dive Bar

Fried chicken, mashed potato, gravy, charred corn, and tomato on a hand pressed tortilla

Grinners put a lot of love into their tacos, from their hand pressed tortillas to the fillings that range from the traditional to the eclectic. It’s also one of my favourite bars in town with some great drinks and hospitality.
Grinners Dive Bar 132 Elizabeth Street, open from midday Monday – Saturday

Runner up :

Taco Taco have been slinging them from a food truck since 2013 and are always fun and packed full of flavour, hit them up whenever you spot them.

Best Babyccino : Criterion Street Cafe


It seems a simple task to the uninitiated but there is a science behind the perfect babyccino and CSC have got it down pat. Nothing too fancy, plenty of froth, keep the milk below to a minimum, just the right amount of chocolate sprinkles to not leave a mess, and of course a marshmallow on the side. Add to this welcoming staff and impressive coffee for the grown ups and it takes the prize.
Criterion Street Cafe 10 Criterion Street, open for breakfast and lunch every day

Runners up :

Ginger Brown in South Hobart have crowd pleasing giant fluffy marshmallows. Vilicia put the same amount of love into them as they do their coffee and the staff are always welcoming. Breadd in New Town may seem unlikely but they’ve consistently dished up great ones.

Best New Venue : In the Hanging Garden

The upper deck area

There really is a lot going on here. Fine food and drinks from multiple vendors scattered throughout, an undercover beer garden with beanbags and picnic tables, free entertainment, and so much more in this beautiful new expansive inner city precinct. From hot chips for the little ones to a Kimchi Bloody Mary for the adventurous it has everyone covered.
In The Hanging Garden 112 Murray Street, Wednesday – Saturday midday – late, Sunday 11am – 8pm

Runners up :

Sonny is a tiny inner city bar dealing in the good things in life. The best wines from throughout the world with a prejudice towards smaller and natural producers, exquisite food from a tiny ever changing menu, and music thumping from a record player on the floor. Breadtop because curried beef doughnuts and fish finger buns can sometimes make the world a better place. And apologies to Harlequin, the new restaurant in Lenah Valley I’ve heard much good about but am yet to visit.

Best Burger : Belles

Double chicken with bacon and jalapeno

This was a hard one. As a disclaimer I worked for Belles for a short period. Should this disqualify them? I decided no, it was some time ago, I no longer have any working association with them, but most importantly they really do make the best burgers in the city. Fresh ingredients, almost everything from the sauces up are made in house, and the meat is from ethical sources. But most importantly perhaps is that the food is cooked by industry professionals, and it really does shine when you bite into one.
Belles Burgers 10-12 Cambridge Road Bellerive, lunch Thursday – Saturday, Dinner every night

Runners up :

The Whaler has big, bold burgers with delectable sides and drinks. Shambles Brewery for their beef burgers washed down with house brewed beers. The Kraken for beautiful old school style burgers with chicken and fish.

Best Casual : Mirmire

Thakali Dhido Set

I raved about Mirmire back in August and it still stands out as one of the most impressive dining venues in Hobart. The food really is what you’re here for but there’s so much more to love about this place, click on the review to find out why.
Mirmire Nepali Taste 186 Collins Street, open every day lunch and dinner

Runners up :

Bar Wa Izakaya for laid back food and drinks. Rude Boy has cocktails on tap, a wall of gin, and some excellent fried chicken, what more could you want? Dirty Pennies if you’re into great drinks with a punk rock soundtrack, I know I am. Hobart Brewing Company with food trucks on hand with an assortment of eats, some excellent drinks brewed on site, and live entertainment. Kin Japanese BBQ seats only 13 people but well worth trying to get in for their selection of yakitori and artisan drinks.

Best Fish and Chips : Kraken

House made potato cakes and chips

Ask most in the know and they’ll agree, so much love is put into the fish and chips here. From house made potato cakes (and exceptional sweet potato versions) through to fish in crispy batter and some amazing burgers. Coeliacs are also well looked after and the range and flavours of sauces are impressive.
Kraken Fish and Chips 293 Elizabeth Street, open every day

Runners up :

Fishy Business on the docks for tasty traditional fish at good prices. Fish Frenzy has good quality seafood, lots of different options, and features some of the best chips in town.

Best Specialty Bar : Lucinda

Pickled Padron Peppers

It’s hard to stay away from Lucinda. The number of new wines to try is seemingly endless, the little dish of food you really must try omnipresent, the temptation to try just one more…. Lucinda is wonderful in so many ways .
Lucinda Wine 123 Collins Street, Tuesday – Sunday 4pm – late

Runners up :

Pablo’s Cocktails and Dreams for sophisticated drinks, smooth live jazz, and even an outdoor eightball table. MONA Wine Bar is perfect for lazy afternoons of drinking and grazing in the sun and you’ll often catch some live entertainment over summer. Willing Bros has a massive and ever changing line up of delicious things to try.

Best Festival Food : Wood Fiery Redhead

Smoked meat platter for one

Tender smoked meats are the stars here and they’re done so incredibly well. There’s also the host of accompaniments that help them shine such as the house made sauces, pickles, and salads. Want more? You’ll usually find something new to try such as mac n cheese spring rolls, fried chicken wings, or a massive smoked lamb shank on mash. It’s all big and bold flavours.
The Wood Fiery Redhead various markets, festivals, and pop ups

Runners up :

Munchies Street Food have amazing fried chicken and bao, but it’s the vegetable pancake that I go straight for on sight. Taco Taco for the perfect festival food whether it be one of their signature tacos, spicy nachos, or a meaty cheesy quesadilla. Big Henry’s Food Truck do some of the best burgers you’ll find anywhere.

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