Falls Festival Foods : Marion Bay 2017

Finding a good feed at a music festival can be a daunting experience but there’s an abundance to be found at Falls Festival. Here are some pics and commentary from 2017.

Early morning coffee queue at Blast Off
Big Smoke BBQ Food Van Beef Brisket Burger $9.50. 18 hour Texas style brisket with slaw, pickles and house BBQ sauce. Meat was tender with a great smoky flavour and the sauce fantastic. Let down by being in the warmer for too long resulting in soggy slaw. Great value and a great burger nonetheless.


Wattlebanks Catering Tasmanian Seafood Plate $15. Upon asking I was enthusiastically told the fish was Blue Grenadine (sic). It tasted good and fresh though with some very tender squid in a panko crumb. A large pile of really good hot smoked salmon stood out alongside a thick and rich mayonnaise. 
The Retro Bean serving up coffee, pies and icecream in the kids playground.
Munchies Street Food Korean Fried Chicken $12. Four big pieces of crispy marinated thigh with excellent carrot and daikon pickles to refresh. Such a festival favourite with it’s moreish salty goodness.
Wombat Cafe Vegie Burger $15. Dense, tasty and delicious. They also made a great GF brownie and had kambucha on tap. Located near a shady pavilion with lots of roving performers in The Village making this a popular choice for families.
The always popular Baby Burgers
Taco Taco Korean Beef, Pickled Cabbage and Chipotle Mayo Taco $6. Really can’t fault these guys, the perfect festival food packed with flavour.


Mush Pit Sunrise Breakfast Buttie $8. This unassuming bun wins for best of the festival. Two gooey eggs, crispy bacon and homemade ketchup in a toasted turkish bun. Everything was freshly cooked and made with care which really shined. Possibly the best egg and bacon roll you’ll find anywhere.


Munchies Street Food Steamed bao bun with twice cooked pork belly and Korean BBQ sauce $10. Tender and fatty meat inside a pillowy bun with a hit of flavoursome sauce and crispy vegetables. Another of my favourites, so very good.


Barista Sista Morning After Burger $13. Beef patty, bacon, egg, avocado, cheese and sauce. Good bun with tasty fillings but sadly stone cold. Would perhaps suit someone more with a hangover.


Tombolo Freycinet super thin pizzas with good choice of toppings, very quick turnover even with a line queued up around the block.
Shred Burgers 24hr slow cooked pulled beef burger $10. Their first year at Falls and this dish made me go back for another. Cheeseburger flavours with some of the best beef I’ve had in recent times. Expect to see these guys everywhere as word spreads and do give them a try!
Spice on Wheels Butter chicken $8. Tasty and relatively nutritious. Oddly one of only a handful of multicultural vendors on site.
Big Smoke BBQ Food Van Pulled pork burger $9.50. Free range pork, slaw and pickles. Made fresh and noticeably improved from their brisket bun for this. Same great quality of meat with crispy slaw and a soft bun.

Falls Festival is held 28th December to 1st of January at Marion Bay and various other sites throughout Australia.

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