Pizza Traders

The rejuvenation of ‘Midtown’ continues and the aroma of wood fired pizza has now joined this bustling neighbourhood.


I have been on a carb vacation. We were once friends but too much time spent together was not good for the waistline. But then temptation opened up just down the road. The owner had previously cooked up some of my favourite pizzas at a variety of festivals and markets when he operated Mountain Pepper Pizza and this new business promised much of the same quality but with an expanded menu, comfortable seating and delicious beverages! I resisted for a couple of months before the draw became too much and I used the excuse of taking the kids out for pizza to give it a try myself.

Kids Ham and Pineapple Pizza $8

The room is very familiar. I’d been a regular at Kaos Kafe since moving to Hobart and seen it transform a number of times over the years, most recently as home to The Tickled Rib. Here they’ve returned it to a more comfortable and inviting space. There is plenty of room between tables and seating is comfortable. It’s warm and cosy even on a cold winters night thanks partly to the prominent wood fired oven but also to the heater they’d set up in our space.


And it’s little touches like the heater for our booking that really characterised the service here. This was some great hospitality with the small team going above and beyond what you might expect. Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, the owner a welcoming host and nothing was a problem.

Capricciosa : Leg Ham, Mushroom, Olives, Artichoke, Anchovies, Mozarella $25

The food is genuine and giving as well. The dough is hand stretched and topped with local ingredients, the base being crispy and thin allowing those stars to shine. There’s a Sausage and Broccolini creation I’m very keen to return for.

Salumi Board $14

Drinks list is concise but well chosen. There’s some good local beer and cider alongside some great imported wine with plenty of soft drinks and caffeinated options as well. Shambles Brewery is conveniently located across the road for those wanting a night cap after.

Kids Margherita Pizza $7

Prices are good. ~$25 for a pizza sounds pricey at first but they’re big enough to feed two people and the ingredients are quality. The kids pizzas for under a tenner were especially good value.

The heart of the operation
Balsamic Strawberry and Icecream Pizza $13

It’s not your average pizza place, there’s no garlic bread or stuffed crusts. There’s a lot of passion here though and it translates to some great food.




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