Frogmore Creek

Everything you have heard is true. The numerous awards are all deserved. This is clever and innovative dining at its best.


It’s a short but enjoyable drive from Hobart through the countryside. The city soon gives way to summer fields, roadside produce, numerous vineyards and an enticing alpaca farm. We’re here for the food though, and perhaps some wine. Sadly the alpacas would have to wait for another day.


Wine first. Since their first appearance in 2002 Frogmore Wines have won a staggering amount of awards (you can read the full list here). Their grapes are grown in twin vineyards in Cambridge and Campania, with the restaurant itself surrounded by them. They benefit from Tasmania’s advantage in producing true cool climate vines, with the grapes taking longer to mature resulting in more intense flavour and acidity. Not surprisingly the drinks list is dominated by their own vintages but why would you want anything else?

Chargrilled Scallops, Spanner Crab, Avocado, Crispy Serrano, 42 Degrees Sparkling and Vanilla Cream  $25

There is a lot happening on each plate. Dots of gels and foams abound, streaks of bright sauces feature and tiny flowers compliment. Such strong elements combine beautifully not only to the eye but on the palate as well.

Roasted Prawns, Spicy Thai Fish Cakes, Potato and Lemon Puree, White Anchovies, Watermelon and Tom Yum Mayonnaise $24

The menu is split into sections: Sea, Land and Garden. The dishes are a perfect size to sample a few yourself or to share a lot with friends.

Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Pulled Pork Croquette, Potato Crisps, Rhubarb Compote, Pickled Cabbage, Apple Puree and Piccalilli Mayonnaise $25

It’s exciting to eat. Plates are soon reduced to a rainbow of smears as sauces, textures and elements are combined to form new flavours with each forkful. The kitchen team works in precision to make every plate shine.

Steak Tartare, Confit of Egg Yolk, Gribiche, Potato Crisps and Truffle Mayonnaise $21

My favourite dish was their take on the classic Beef Tartare. This one absolutely wowed me with the depth of flavour and texture of the raw meat transporting it above what I’d imagined could be achieved. Every element of the accompaniments was excellent and worked to highlight the beef in different ways through contrasts with each bite.

Textures of Citrus, Almond Tuille, Vanilla and Mascarpone Mousse, Lemon Ice Cream, Freeze Dried Fruit, Orange, Yuzu Gel, Mini Meringue and Milk Crumble $18

Desserts are as to be expected, over the top with many different elements. Even a non dessert fan such as myself appreciated the attention and skill that went into each one.

Chocolate Semifreddo, Coffee Caramel Mousse, Cherry Gel and Gingerbread Crumble $18

Service was very laid back and we felt never rushed nor pushed. A six month old at the table wasn’t a problem despite her attention grabbing escapades.


Frogmore produces really beautiful food and wine in an idyllic location a short drive from Hobart. It’s an experience you really should try for yourself.

Frogmore Creek Website

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