Munchies Street Food

When two of Tasmania’s best chefs purchased a food van it was always going to be something special but even with that knowledge I was surprised by how truly great it was!


Chef D C Lim has an impressive resume indeed. Born in Korea he has worked at award winning restaurants including The Source at MONA and more recently headed the kitchen at The Glass House before moving on to Miss Jane in South Hobart. His cooking is exciting and innovative and earned him the title of Chef of the Year from the THA.against some very tough competition in 2016. His partner in this venture is Ken Tsuji, the pair having already worked together at Beltana, Glass House and Miss Jane. They are a strong two man team in the kitchen.

Togarashi Squid, Green Paw Paw, Yuzu Mayo

The dishes are strongly Korean and Japanese and represent some of the more popular street food of those countries. “Togarashi” is a mix of spices and these are used to flavour a light and delicate batter for some tender rings of squid. The paw paw and yuzu adding freshness and zing.

Korean Fried Chicken, Soy Glaze, Asian Slaw

Korean fried chicken is riding a wave of popularity at the moment and deservedly so. When done right it is one of my favourite things and oh how it is here. So good is this dish that I’ve only been lucky enough to try it once as every other time the sold out sign has been up with hungry masses devouring it all first! It’s worth getting to them early. Crispy, sweet, spicy and juicy boneless chicken with a light, citrus slaw.

Vegetable Pancake, Teriyaki Sauce, Cucumber Kimchi

The vegetable pancake divided us. I wanted to scream from the rooftops encouraging everyone to try this dish and try it now while my wife implored me to keep it a secret lest it become popular and be sold out next time we wished it, which was going to be soon and often. Beautifully balanced is the best way to describe this, everything working in perfect and measured unison with each other. It’s sweet, salty, spicy, soft, crispy, acidic, rich, light and wonderful. Words are not enough to describe, you simply must try. It was a revelation and the best thing I ate in all of 2016.

Check their Facebook Page for where to find them next.

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