Waffle On Cafe – Liverpool St

I wasn’t even sure I liked waffles. Ones I’d tried in the past at various eateries had been heavy and covered in sickly syrups, ice creams, fairy floss and the like. But a lot of people had raved about Waffle On since they were a food van and the opening of their physical cafe in the CBD was enough of a lure to give them a try.


Waffle On Cafe started life touring various festivals and markets throughout the state as a mobile food van before taking up the lease on premises in Liverpool St and opening as a cafe in September 2016. The new building is a couple of blocks up from the mall and previously housed R Takagi Sushi. They’ve made good use of what is a compact space with a row of tables along one side, comfortable couch near the entrance and a table for two out the front. Local art adorns the wall and it has quite a homely feel.

BLT Waffle $16 Image Jessica Dix

The menu is split into sweet and savoury waffles with some non waffle-y items as well. Looking through it I was filled with hope as, even if I discovered I didn’t like waffles, a lot of the toppings sounded most delicious!

Smoked Salmon, Smashed Avocado, Poached Egg $17

My first visit left me in no doubt that, yes, I did like these waffles. Wonderfully light with a crunchy exterior they were a world away from others I had tried. The toppings were fantastic as well, the egg soft and gooey and the avocado featuring a good hit of fresh lime.It made for a satisfying breakfast while not being as heavy as a bread based version.

Pulled Beef Brisket, Baby Beets, ‘Slaw, Master Stock Aioli $17

There is only a couple of non breakfast style dishes on the savoury side of the menu but it does include a Crispy Buttermilk Chicken dish I’m keen to return for. The Brisket Waffle I did try featured some excellent brisket, tender and full of flavour, which was paired well with beetroot. It unfortunately suffered from too much mayonnaise, with the coleslaw heavy and then more drizzled over the top resulting in it dominating the palate.

Scrambled Eggs, Mushrooms $13

There are things on toast for those that definitely don’t like waffles, or just don’t feel like them. Eggs any way you like them are only $9 with sides ranging from $4-$5. My scrambled eggs were buttery, fluffy and seasoned well.

The other half of the menu I did not venture in to, knowing full well I wasn’t a fan of sweet waffles. It does include dishes that would excite any sweet tooth including an Old Jamaican Waffle with chocolate mousse, chocolate ice-cream, dried fruit compote and a spiced rum syrup. In fact most people are more excited about the sweet side of the menu, weirdos!

Waffle On Cafe is situated at 155 Liverpool St, Hobart, and open 7 days a week for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Waffle on Facebook

For the food van, Living Loving Hobart did a good write up about it here.

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  1. rockoyster says:

    I dunno. I prefer my bacon cooked.


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