Mr Burger opens its first Tasmanian restaurant

Love food trucks but hate the hassle of having to track them down and then suffer the inconvenience of nowhere to sit? Popular mobile vendors Mr Burger have you covered opening their first Tasmanian restaurant this week in the Hobart CBD!


Starting with a single food truck in Melbourne in 2012, Mr Burger has quickly expanded to a fleet of trucks and restaurants across Australia. Tasmania was first introduced last year with Mr Burger participating in the HCC food truck trial and appearing at festivals across the state. Locals enthusiastically embraced its fare and now a restaurant has opened as well. It’s situated in the renewed Liverpool Street area that has seen 4 other eateries pop up in quick succession, making it a growing mecca for office workers and shoppers.


The fit out is contemporary but basic. Black is the new black. Inside has a few booths and bar stools but, for myself at least, the tables out the front were much more inviting in the sun. I suspect a fair amount of trade to be take away though as seating is quite limited. Service, well, service needs some work. But it is first week for them so I won’t judge too harshly.


If you’ve encountered the food truck then the menu won’t hold any surprises. They primarily do burgers and they do them well. There’s four beef options, one chicken and one vegetarian. Gluten free is available on request and there’s a range of fries, sides and drinks. They’re licensed as well with a small selection of alcoholic drinks available to those dining in, surprisingly so considering one of the competitors down the road was denied the opportunity to.

The signature “Mr Burger” $10

The burgers are good, the ingredients fresh and the flavours enjoyable. They really typify the new breed of fast food chains offering up a better, premium priced product for the masses and the masses are indeed enjoying them! Personally I have some mixed emotions, the burgers are indeed tasty with some highlights including a tender patty and soft bun but for me they really aren’t something I crave as I do others. Perhaps I was spoilt by The Standard in their heyday but now every similar burger is judged against. Thousands of happy customers disagree though so you should check them out yourself to find out!

Mr Burger, 120 Liverpool St, Hobart

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