Señor Frijoles

Frijoles (frē-ˈhō-lēz)  – Any of the various beans used in Mexican styles of cooking.


Señor Frijoles has been quietly presenting an interesting array of dishes at markets around the south of the state for over a year now. As well as drawing inspiration from South American cuisines the focus is also on a celebration of the local ingredients used.


The menu changes a lot, it has been noticeably different on each occasion I’ve been, the above merely a snapshot of one visit. The empanandas are a mainstay though, parcels of delicious fillings wrapped in pastry and served with chimichurri. Excellent food for wandering around a market with in one hand, think a pie with sauce.

Free Range Egg, Spicy Black Beans, Chorizo, Fried Potato, Salsa $12

Their take on the classic Huevos Rancheros highlights the thought and care they put into each aspect of the dish. There is a lot on the plate but it all works beautifully together with a lot of interesting flavours and textures complimenting the runny fried egg in the centre. There’s a few minutes wait as the egg is freshly cooked to order but you wouldn’t want it any other way. My only real complaint being that I’d like another egg, or at least the option to pay extra for another given on the menu. But perhaps I’m just greedy, it’s substantial enough as is.


Señor Frijoles hails from the Huon Valley and is proudly supportive of the region. All produce except for the seeds, grains and hot sauce is sourced from the area. Even better is that all the vegetables and herbs used are grown by themselves on their Lucaston property. This really does translate to their dishes tasting remarkably fresh and vibrant.

Meatballs in Chipotle Sauce $10

The meatballs were another excellent find. There is a lot of subtlety going on here, it’s substantial but surprisingly delicate as well for such a dish. The meat is flavoursome and the chipotle binds it all together well. Complimentary hot sauces are laid out in order for those like me that prefer a bit more spice. $10 for a meal that so much care has obviously gone into and with such premium produce is ridiculously cheap.

Service is friendly, they seem genuinely nice people with country hospitality.

Señor Frijoles don’t seem to pop up too often but when they do they’re well worth a visit. Check out their Facebook page for where they’ll turn up next or else you might get lucky and stumble across them at Farmgate, Twilight or Kingston markets.


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