South on Collins

It’s easy to miss, a small cafe tucked away in an arcade with an excellent second hand bookshop and a tattoo studio as neighbours. Those who have stumbled upon it though have returned with tales of excellent fare and exceptional burgers, I had to investigate.


I admit I have walked past many times without giving it a second thought, from the outside it appears just another average cafe without anything to differentiate it from the others. First clue that something is a little different here though is the menu. It’s a huge volume of different dishes and the term “something for everyone” really does apply here. Paleo? Not a problem. Coeliac? They bake their own gluten free bread! Second clue was the line of people out the door on a Monday grabbing takeaways. Like them I was hooked after my first visit and went back for more.

Sara’s Caesar Burger $14

On top of the large amount of dishes on offer is a specials board with another dozen or so items on it. “Sara’s Caesar Burger” caught my eye promising grilled chicken breast with bacon, egg, parmesan and lettuce with Caesar dressing. The chicken itself could have done with a bit more seasoning but apart from that minor quibble the burger was superb, the classic flavours and textures all together in a bun. One thing that really impressed me is they really know how to cook an egg, one bite in and the yolk oozed out adding richness and unifying the other ingredients. A knowledgeable waitress was able to answer straight away that they only use free range eggs as well.

Pulled Pork with Apple Slaw $10

While no longer on the specials board when I popped in today the pulled pork bun contained some excellent meat at a remarkable price on a previous visit. Bonus points to them for happily serving me a quick meal just before closing time! While I’m not a fan of having to get up and order at the counter the service otherwise really is outstanding. All the staff are cheerful with the right amount of attentiveness and are knowledgeable when questions are asked. It’s surprising to find such honestly friendly service in a cafe when it should really be the norm.

Ultra Burger $11.90

The “Ultra Burger” is an impressive beast. Featuring a very meaty and well seasoned patty (made in house of course) and a deliciously runny egg it also held bacon, pineapple, cheese, lettuce and special sauce. It all adds up to being one of the best burgers you’ll find in the city and beating those in Salamanca at twice its price. Like most of the menu it’s available as a quick and freshly made takeaway as well.

Yes, this review is rather burger-centric. I like burgers okay! As mentioned though they have everything from eggs a hundred ways to salads and pasta dishes as well as a huge range of drinks including fresh juices and some rather reasonable coffee.The small team here really are doing a great job, it’s cheap and cheerful and definitely worth checking out next time you’re in the city.

South on Collins, 138 Collins St Hobart, Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and coffee.

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