The Porky Duck Kitchen

After nearly two years of living on the North Hobart restaurant strip both my waistline and wallet were looking forward to a move to suburbia. Then the same day we moved a shop opened just around the corner from the new abode specialising in two of my favourite meats. I announced to them “take all my money now”.


It’s a small shop front that shares its space, quite unusually, with a framing business. There’s limited seating but all the meals are designed and served to be taken away with the “Train Park” across the road being a great option for many.

Al Fresco dining in Caldew Park

The proximity of the park makes it a great place if you have little ones as there’s plenty to keep them entertained!


The Porky Duck have been regulars at MoMa (MONA Market) for some time and its here that I first encountered them. More recently they have started at Salamanca Market bringing some much needed variety to it. Fans of these appearances will find a lot of familiar items on the menu with their signature pork and duck taking centre stage.


Their secret is poaching the meat in a rich master stock for 2 hours before letting it steep for another 24 hours resulting in a very tender and flavoursome dish. There is a lot of love put into the accompaniments as well, the rolls are from Manna Bakehouse, the potatoes twice cooked and tossed in very moreish roast garlic. Two things really stand out though and that is the sour cream with probiotic kefir grains added and their house made pickled cabbage which is fresher than a traditional sauerkraut with more crunch. Both are touted as having health benefits but importantly both are delicious sides matching well with the rich jus.

Pork Ribs, Roasted Chat Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Sour Cream $16/$21

All the “plates” are available in two sizes either for one or to share and it would be an excellent choice to grab a few with some friends and sample the lot on offer. There are also buns filled with a generous amount of meat making for a substantial breakfast or lunch. Drinks on offer range from quite reasonable coffee to a more interesting line of drinks including 36 hour cold brewed Villino Iced Coffee and a Virgin Mojito made with Huon Valley Apple Juice. Like pretty much everything else the drinks are handmade in house.

Master Stock Pork and Pork Belly, Sauerkraut, Sour Cream, Jus $12

I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve tasted here so far, the physical storefront and kitchen is enabling them to produce dishes that are a step above what you’ll find at the markets while maintaining their character. I predict as the warmer weather rolls in the park will be full of worshipers of The Porky Duck.

The Porky Duck is located on the corner of Hill and Warwick Streets in West Hobart. Open Thurs and Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.

The Porky Duck Facebook

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  1. Karl says:

    The red cabbage is rotkohl not sauerkraut it’s a huge difference in taste


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