On the corner of Liverpool and Murray Streets for many years stood the Hobart institution La Bella. The pizza was ok during the day, the coffee nothing to rave about and the service reasonable. But at 3am it transformed into the hottest place in town with magically delicious pizza that burnt your mouth and a line up well outside the door. Alas La Bella is no longer with us at that location but in its place is Medici selling its own brand of magically delicious pizza and you don’t have to stay up all night to enjoy!


There’s 2 boards of pizzas to choose from, traditional or gourmet. They’re made fresh to order, come in one size (large) and priced from around $17-$20. There is plenty of choice for all with vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs being well catered for. They also deliver to CBD addresses from 12 -3pm making them an excellent choice for office bound workers.


The coffee is good and the service excellent. Good enough to make this a decent cafe in its own right with a selection of pastries and specialty cakes to accompany. I wasn’t here for cake though. From around midday the display cabinet is full of what they call “Piccolo Pizzas” with about a dozen different types to choose from. They’re a quick and easy lunch option and very cheap considering their quality at around $8 each.

Wagyu Beef, BBQ Sauce, Red and Green Capsicum, Fior de Latte, Cracked Pepper

I’m not usually a fan of deep pan style pizzas, finding them heavy and dense and often distracting away from the toppings, but these bases are light and flavoursome with great texture. They were incredibly filling though and even a big eater like myself left very satisfied after one. The Wagyu Beef was a big hit of meatiness with a gutsy BBQ sauce that wasn’t overly sweet like many. The next day I came back for more and the Da Vinci impressed again with its spicy sophistication. The toppings are abundant without going overboard and a lot of thought has obviously been put into the combinations on offer. It’s a great addition to the city.

Da Vinci : Tomato, Pepperoni, Bacon, Red Onion, Kalamata, Jalapeno, Parmesan

Medici is on the corner of Murray and Liverpool Streets in the Hobart CBD and is open Monday to Saturday from breakfast until late afternoon.

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