Fifteen Weeks of Burgers at The Republic Bar

A good burger will draw me in every time. When I discovered one of my favourite venues was advertising a procession of different ones for lunch over the coming months I had to get in on the action from the beginning.

The premise is simple, for the next fifteen weeks the kitchen is presenting a different weekly burger for lunch between midday and 2pm. Fourteen burgers all up as the last one is a rerun of the most popular. Continuing the theme each burger is a miserly $15.

What really makes this stand out here is how exciting each one sounds. Lamb Pattie with Blue Cheese? Jack Daniels Pulled Brisket with BBQ Sauce!? Pork Schnitzel with Pickled Onion and Apple Chutney!!!?? Even a vegetarian week with Haloumi and Mushroom. There are fifteen very enticing reasons to make this a regular lunch spot.


They opened with a big hitter this week. A giant tender slab of slow braised beef cheek with American cheese, lettuce and red onion. I’ve tried their beef cheek before on the regular menu and this was as fantastic as I remembered, meaty and so full of flavour. Everything else worked really well as support, with the crispiness and freshness of the salad a perfect counterpoint to the rich meat inside a soft bun. It’s only available the rest of the week though so get in quick!

Next one is already tempting me: Korean BBQ Chicken with Kimchi Slaw. But maybe I’ll pop in for another round of that Beef Cheek first….

The Republic Bar 299 Elizabeth Street Hobart

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  1. Nice! I may have to hit this place up some time!


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