The mystery of the Chow Mein Taco

Good advertising catches your eye and draws you in. It promises amazing things of value for your hard earned money. It makes you run in without thought and purchase what it promotes. This was perhaps the greatest advertising ever.


In a culinary world that is always pushing boundaries could this be a step too far? Would this fusion of unlikely bedfellows fail or would it put luminaries like Heston to shame? I had to find out.

The waitress seemed most pleased that I’d come in to try one and offered the traditional additions of sour cream and cheese if I so wished. I declined, deciding to allow the taste of the other ingredients shine through.

After a short wait I was presented with the taco and some napkins with an ominous warning that it could be a bit messy.


It was exactly as advertised, everything you could ever want in a chow mein taco was present from the corn shell to the chow mein itself. I had no regrets trying but I will never try again.


They do have a lot more that’s traditional on offer at Cheffie’s such as pies, toasted sandwiches, meals and cakes and it’s all very good value. The service is incredibly friendly and I will return to what is one of the more interesting places in the Northgate complex.


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