Frylo Hen – The Bantam Menace

Love fried chicken? Love puns? Then you’re in for a treat as Hobart’s newest food van has you covered.


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a young sith-lord with a passion for food and star wars fought to create FRYLO HEN. – Frylo Hen Facebook Page

Frylo Hen is here to corner the long neglected market of Star Wars themed fast street food. They’ve a slick trailer and a menu full of delicious sounding treats described with references to the franchise.

There’s a lot of fried chicken to choose from with 4 different burgers, 4 types of wings and an assortment of sides and drinks.

Emperor Pal-Poutine $8

Once you get over the disappointment that it’s not a real poutine (these are not the curds you are looking for) the Emperor Pal-Poutine is a delicious mix of chips topped with cheese, gravy, bacon and panko crumbs. Perfect indulgence any time but I’m sure they’ll especially go down well during the long Hobart winter. There are also Fry-Fighters on offer, topped with buffalo sauce, bacon and cheese.

The OT Burger (Original Trilogy) $7

The OT Burger has a no frills exterior of standard soft roll, mayonnaise and lettuce but it encases a really flavoursome fillet of fried breast. Like most of the menu it’s also incredible value compared to a lot of similar places. The other burgers offer extras such as BBQ sauce, hot sauce and bacon and all remain $9 or less.

The wings are cooked Korean style, marinated in garlic and ginger and twice fried before being finished in a variety of ways. All priced the same: 4 for $6.50, 6 for $8.50 and 8 for $10.50.

Maple Bacon X-Wings

The Maple Bacon Wings were perhaps the only disappointment of the night and I’d rename them Jar Jar Wings. Described as being with maple syrup glaze, bacon crumble and red eye mayo they lacked any real flavour and the bacon was large limp chunks. Crispy bacon crumble would have indeed vastly improved things so it may have just been a teething problem.

Hot Chilli X-Wings

The Hot Chilli Wings redeemed everything though. Incredibly moreish with more flavour than heat it’s worth tracking down the van for these alone, and I could easily eat a bucket full. There’s a couple more varieties on offer as well that will have to await another visit.

Frylo Hen can be found in a variety of places from North Hobart to Cambridge and it’s best to check their Facebook Page to keep updated.

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