Mountain Pepper Rosti

While best known for their delicious organic wood fired pizzas the new team at Mountain Pepper have been branching out into other tasty delights such as bone broths and soups. Today saw the launch of a new range of rosti with plenty to please everyone.

Eggs Benedict Rosti $9.50
Eggs Benedict Rosti $9.50

Being close enough to breakfast time I had to choose the Eggs Benedict and it was a very satisfying outcome. There is a lot more attention to detail and quality here then you’ll often find from a market stall with everything being plated to order by a busy crew. The rosti itself is cooked in a wood fired pizza oven giving it a note of smokiness, the ham most excellent and generous, the egg a little over cooked but still soft (a hard thing to get right in a market set up) and all topped in a fresh and tangy hollandaise up there with the best. It was very filling and delicious.

Some things I really like is their commitment to using quality local produce in their dishes and the freshness of everything. It’s all real food and made by themselves.

The rosti range in price from $7.50 to $9.50 with others including Eggs Florentine, Creamy Mushroom and Bubble and Squeak. They have options available that are suitable for those gluten free, vegan and vegetarian. Find them at The Farm Gate Market on Sundays.

Mountain Pepper Website

Farm Gate Market

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