Yippee Pie Yay? Rabbit Pie @ Raspberry Fool

Of course we were going to review some pies, the title wasn’t just for lulz!

First up is the “Rabbit, Potato and Bacon Pie” from Raspberry Fool and the first thing I noticed was it didn’t seem to contain either potato or bacon. Not sure if it was described wrong by the server, a new recipe or what but to be fair I’ll just refer to it as a “Rabbit Pie”.


The pie showed signs of quality right from the beginning revealing a generous amount of meat as I cut into it and the pastry firm.

The pastry really was a highlight and one of the best I’ve experienced, holding together beautifully with a firmness usually found in a shortcrust but still being light and flaky and buttery. It made me want to go back and try all the pies and they had about a dozen to choose from!

The filling was meaty and flavoursome with a great bunny taste, well seasoned and complimented by carrot and celery. Loved the ratio of meat here, so often in such pies you find a lot of filler ingredients but this one had the protein right at the forefront and it shone.

Negatives? I would have liked a bigger pie, it was more snack size than a meal but I still thought it good value at $6.90. Also the missing potato and bacon but hey, it really didn’t need them.

I’m a big fan of Raspberry Fool, always interesting meals and great coffee, I’m giving this pie 8.5/10

Raspberry Fool


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